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Risa Rae, owner of To The Penny


Risa Rae

Years Experience


To The Penny Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor and Xero Advisor Certified

I began


In high school I was blessed to have had the opportunity to take some business courses along with the more traditional college preparatory courses.

I had an amazing Bookkeeping I instructor who not only allowed, but encouraged, me to work at my own pace.  I completed a full year Bookkeeping I course in half a year at which point my Instructor received approval from the school to let me take Bookkeeping II as a self study. Since he was taught bookkeeping courses at the college level I was able to take the college level course the next year also as a self study course.

I couldn’t have told you then why I was consumed by double entry Accounting.  Somehow the journal entries, checks and balances just made sense and filled my need to create order in my life.

In college I was able to expedite my studies by testing out of the classes I had already taken and focus on Financial and Managerial accounting along with a degree in Data Processing.

To The Penny was birthed after I left the corporate world to raise my boys.

I was managing a local equestrian stable for the owner while she took her two week mid-winter vacation to a warmer climate.  I learned that she also used this time away to organize her receipts and paperwork in preparation to meet with her CPA for tax filing.  I thought that was sheer craziness and convinced her to move her finances out of the shoe box & paper files into a financial tracking software. This made it easier to track her finances throughout the year and allowed her to make business decisions based on actual financial reports during the year.  Most importantly, in my mind, she could actually take her two week mid-winter vacation and relax knowing her financial reports were just a button click away!

Since then, To The Penny has worked with a variety of businesses, helping set up financial tracking software (or clean up existing books), create systems, and provide ongoing support supporting clients the ability to focus their talents in their zone of genius while having access to accurate financials.

Having access to accurate up to date financial reports is foundational for making informed financial decisions. Most people would never head out on a trip without a map… why do that with your business?

I discovered a need

Financial mindset coaching

Faced with making a financial decision, which would you prefer; complete and accurate financial statements or a dart board, a wish and a prayer?

I’m always been surprised when I learn a successful business is operating from a shoe box (often quite literally) or that friends or family never reconcile their accounts, do ‘bank balance accounting’ (you know, when you look at the ATM slip or online bank balance to see how much money you have) and have no idea what their Net Worth is.

For me, financial tracking is like breathing air; it’s something you do without having to really think about it.

What I realized is that while financial tracking is like breathing air for me for many it’s like drowning.  While the strategies themselves are not difficult my ‘aha’ was realizing that there are subconscious patterns (belief systems) which inhibit, distract, immobilize and sometime even make people physically ill when faced with money management.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  I’m passionate about helping people break through limiting beliefs and become financially empowered.

Having a clear financial picture empowers solid financial decisions.  Money can then be FUEL for your DREAMS!

We are passionate about

Financial Wellness

Money plays a critical role in our lives and has impact on health, relationships, opportunities, peace of mind, and longevity.

According to a 2020 survey by Bankrate, money worries are the biggest cause of sleep loss and it’s getting worse. Seventy-eight percent of U.S. adults are losing sleep worrying about everyday expenses, saving for retirement and healthcare costs.

“Sleep greatly impacts mental health and physical health, and mental health also impacts sleep,” Dr. Gail Saltz, a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical College, “Not getting enough sleep can impact mood, increase depression and increase anxiety.”

We often hear people say they “want more money” yet they are not currently successfully managing the money they do have and there is often a belief that “more money” is the key to their happiness.

Traditionally financial wellness focuses on developing sound financial strategies; cash flow, budgeting, tax planning, etc.

In our model, however, Financial Wellness goes beyond strategies to include identification of subconscious patterning currently driving financial behaviors.  Once identified and brought to the light of consciousness new behaviors and new thinking can be implemented.

We believe

change matters

To expect a different tomorrow, you must change something today. Start your journey with Financial mindset coaching, from To The Penny.

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